Thursday, January 26, 2012

#9 Stalin: Erin Gallagher

In order to improve people's lives Stalin is that he increased the output of goods for the Soviet Union. He also improves women's rights and educational opportunities for many people. This improved and increased opportunities for many people of lower class. Stalin also improved health care for the citizens which was another factor that improved the standard of living. Lastly, he improved the modernization of the soviet union. This helped to improve people's lives because it improved the lives an industries in the soviet union.

Along with Stalin's positive impacts there are also negative impacts on the Soviet Union. In collective farming the kulaks, wealthy peasants, were eliminated by the Soviet Union's government. For Stalin's five year plan, production of consumer goods were eliminated as well and they were shortages of housing, food, clothing, and other necessary goods. Stalin built a police system to maintain his power. The police used tanks and amoured cars to stop nots.he also replaced religion with communism and religious leaders were sent to labor camps or killed.

Stalin was a good leader because he improved the country over all.