Friday, March 16, 2012

Cold War Thermometer- Erin Gallagher 1st period

1- Bay of Pigs
The CIA's plan to overthrow Castro by sending in Cuban exiles. (failed)
2-Cuban Missile Crisis
Soviets sent missiles to Cuba that would destroy all of the United States.
3-Vietnam War
Vietcong caused many deaths among citizens, The Golf of Tonkin Incident (United States boats torpedoed), unfamiliar terrain, and war is unpopular at home.
4-Korean War
North Korea invades South Korea, The UN troops pushed the North Koreans almost to Chinese border, brink of nuclear war, and General MacArthur bombs bridges.
5-Chinese Civil War
Communist movement grows, Jiang Jieshisaves best troops for Japanese, nationalist sides to communist
6-Conflict in Afghanistan
Soviets invade Aghanistan,Muslims rebel, supported by the United States
7-Cultural Revolution
A major uprising led by The Red Gaurds (students that pledged their devotion to Mao Zedong), the goal was to establish a society of peasants and workers in which all were equal.
8-Conflict in Hungary
Hungarian army joined protestors to overthrow Hungary's soviet-controlled government, stormed through capital, Demanded Soviets to leave, and they return to a communist state.
9-Civil War in Iran
10-Civil War in Nicaragua
The United Statees aided the leadership of Somoza in Nicaragua and rhe anti-communist forces (Contras), lasted more than a decade, seriously weakend the economy, President Ortega agreed to host free elections, and the Sandistas were defeated in the election.
11-Conflict Czechoslovakia
Leader: Brezhnev, quickly adopted repressive domestic policies, the party wanted to eliminate freedom of speech and worship, Communist leader: Dubeck, loosend censorship, Prague Spring "bloomed with new ideas, and Brezhnev Doctrine
12-Berlin Airlift
Soviets wanted to keep their enemy weak and divided, France, Britain, and the US withdraw their forces from Germany and allow their occupation zaones to form one nation, Soviets hold West Berlin hostage, Berlin faced starvation, and 1949 Soviets lift the blockade.